CAP Trading Competition

Competition period 20.02.2021 - 06.03.21 (14 days) starts and ends at 20:00 GMT +2.

We are happy to announce the first community organized trading competition on CAP for the following assets: $LINK, $UNI, $AAVE and $SNX on Ethereum mainnet. Participants start by depositing 1000 DAI to their CAP trading account. The goal is to increase the initial 1000 DAI deposit amount as much as possible by completing profitable trades with the supported assets. Final leaderboard will be sorted by the amount of DAI withdrawed after the competition period is over in coordination with community organizers.‌

Current prize pool: 0 CAP - anyone is welcome to send CAP here to incentivize competition participants‌

1st place: 60% of prize pool‌

2nd place 25% of the prize pool‌

3rd place 15% of the prize pool‌


1) After depositing 1000 DAI to your trading account, register your wallet to the following users on Telegram by sending them the DAI deposit tx link: @lyngg, @Robba21, @wagie. Participant's wallet is not allowed to have prior DAI deposits on CAP. If necessary, create a new wallet.‌

2) As soon as 20:00 GMT +2 hits on 20.02.2021 trading period begins.‌

3) Final results will be registered after the trading period ends at 20:00 GMT +2 on 06.03.2021. Each participant will cooparate with the community organizers by sending their max DAI withdrawal tx as a proof of result.‌

4) Wallets that have prior DAI deposits (before depositing the initial 1000 DAI to trade with) on CAP are disqualified.‌

5) Wallets that open positions before the competition starts are disqualified.‌

6) Wallets that withdraw their DAI before the competition ends are disqualified.‌

7) Wallets that trade non-supported assets (anything beside LINK, UNI, AAVE or SNX) during the competition are disqualified.‌

8) Wallets that deposit additional DAI during the competition period are disqualified.‌

9) New participants may enter any time during the competition period given they have no prior DAI deposits on the wallet they're using.‌


a) Withdrawing profit may depend on available DAI in the Treasury.‌

b) Minimum 30 participants required for the competition to begin.‌

c) Results will be announced 48 hours after the competition ends.‌

How to trade:

1) Go to‌

3) Deposit 1000 DAI from Metamask wallet to your trading account.


4) Open a long or short position on your crypto asset of choice (LINK, UNI, AAVE, SNX).‌

5) After submitting a new order (will appear in Events tab) Oracle will send the Trading contract your entry price and the position gets opened and becomes visible in the Positions tab.Events tab for a succesfully opened position‌

6) Close position from Positions tab to take profit or minimize losses according to your strategy.

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